Several parents and students asked if they could share a few words regarding their experience in my classroom. I am sincerely humbled by their sentiments and kindness…

We consider ourselves fortunate to have had both our children start their schooling with a great foundation in Mrs. Cheatham’s class. Mrs. Cheatham is a very effective communicator with students, as well as with the parents. As a parent of a kindergarten child, it is important to know what goes on at school and what is expected outside of school. She is simply amazing! Her biggest asset, however, is the energy she brings to the class and the true passion she has for teaching young ones, which she has done consistently over the years.  Her open-minded personality is consistently reflected in our school’s multicultural environment. She enjoys exploring technology inside, as well as outside, the classroom. From running a class blog, to sending e-mail responses to parents’ questions (even over the weekends), to using laptops and iPads in the classroom, she leverages her technical savvy for the communication, productivity and creative education and exploration for the students and parents. She continues to do all this effectively, along with many other required daily tasks.  Mrs. Cheatham is a remarkable teacher and would be an irreplaceable asset to any school district fortunate to have her.

Vipul and Rupali S. former parent

We were so fortunate that Mrs. Cheatham was Mihir’s kindergarten teacher. Having her help Mihir navigate through the all-important first year at “big kid school” was like having a guardian angel. She always knew how to identify the best in our child and use his strengths to win over his challenges. She knew his best and his worst moments. She had stories about his funniest and serious moments. She knew his good days from his not-so-good days–she knew him as a person, because she took the time to do so. After we moved back to India in the middle of the school year, Mrs. Cheatham set up SKYPE in her classroom, so Mihir could continue to connect with his classmates that he had left behind. Now that’s a special teacher!

Sujayanti D., former parent

I had Mrs. Cheatham for first grade from 2000-2001. She knew that a few of the other students in class, along with myself, were not being challenged enough. She pulled us aside and gave us higher-level lessons for math and also reading books with more challenging vocabulary in order to keep us engaged in learning. Teaching younger students is difficult enough, without going above and beyond to foster the development of each student individually, but that is exactly what Mrs. Cheatham did for me, and then for my sister four years later. As a college freshman, it is easy to see the impact that Mrs. Cheatham had on me; she has made me challenge myself to my maximum potential, and has made me realize that having a teacher truly care about your personal well being as well as education is truly a gift. She has always been more than just a teacher to me and will always have a special place in my heart.

Hasika S. (The Ohio State University), former student

My son, Michael, is currently in Ms. Cheatham’s class. Even before he started kindergarten, we knew that he would face challenges in class as being unusually restless and active. To meet Michael’s educational and emotional needs, Mrs. Cheatham has designed special ways of encouraging and disciplining targeted specifically to his behaviors. She has communicated with us almost every single day on Michael’s progress and provided us with precious suggestions. Because of her deep love, extra patience and exceptional teaching skills, Michael has made extraordinary improvement within one semester.  The change is obvious–he has excelled academically and is doing much better with concentration and behavior.  I am very thankful to Mrs. Cheatham for her diligent efforts.  She is a fabulous teacher and will be greatly missed!

Hui L., current parent

Both of my children had Mrs. Cheatham for kindergarten. She set the tone for them to love school and to love learning. She is creative and attentive to what is effective for each child. We will always be grateful for Mrs. Cheatham!

Christine S., former parent

When I was five, Mrs. Cheatham taught me about dinosaurs. That was my favorite thing, because she didn’t just give us a coloring sheet. We did fun projects like create our own dinosaur, and she took pictures of us with our dinosaurs. And dinosaurs became my favorite…and I don’t even really like science!

Isabella W. (8), former student

We were so honored that our daughter was placed in Mrs. Cheatham’s Kindergarten class. We had heard so many wonderful things about her and were hoping that she would be that all so important “first teacher” who instills a love of learning and school. She did that and so much more! She helped our daughter thrive and feel confident about school. Two years later, we know that the success and love of school that our daughter has all points back to a year with Mrs. Cheatham–year of learning, fun and support all with tremendous care. She is the epitome of what “above and beyond” looks like. Her students past, present and those lucky enough to be her future students, will forever benefit from Mrs. Cheatham as their teacher.

Nicole and Drew N., former parents

Mrs. Cheatham is wonderful! She taught my daughter, Maddie, in first grade, which turned out to be a very difficult year for us as I was hospitalized for three weeks and out of commission for months. Mrs. Cheatham was a huge support for Maddie, and was kind enough to have all the students in her class write cards to me when I was in the hospital. We hope to always be in touch with Mrs. Cheatham.

Ellen W., former parent

Mrs. Cheatham has always been one of our favorite teachers. She taught both of my children, and thankfully pulled everyone of their loose teeth!

Jackie B., former parent

I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher to begin my school days with. Always so helpful and nurturing to everyone, it’s impossible to not want to be around Mrs. Cheatham. She instilled a strong foundation in me that I’ve kept since first grade. To be able to say that I’ve come back to visit Mrs. Cheatham for the past seven years is something I’m really proud of. I’ll never forget where I came from and the people that helped mold me into who I am today—Mrs. Cheatham is one those people.

Marvin P., Jr. (Austin College), former student

My son was fortunate to have Mrs. Amy Cheatham as his kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Cheatham made the transition into public school so easy for us. She is very dedicated to her work. I respect her for her passion of teaching, loving nature and enthusiasm. She has the great ability to bring out the best in her students. I would like to thank her and wish her success in her future endeavors!

Chaitrali G., former parent

Mrs. Cheatham was my favorite teacher at Valley Ranch Elementary. I loved having her as a teacher, and being able to know she was going to be there every day. She prepared me wonderfully for the grades to follow and gave me special memories to hold onto as I went through school.

Jake M., former student (Coppell High School)